Department Overview
Cherryfield is located in Downeast
Maine, between Ellsworth and
Machias. We have approximately 40
square miles of primary response area
and have mutual aid with several
others towns as well. The town
population is about 1200. There are
18 active firefighters. We have 2
engines, 2 tankers, 1
Command/equiptment truck and 1
Rescue (JAWS) truck in our fleet.
Chief Charles Curtis jr.
Cherryfield's Fire Chief
Fire Service Links
Always looking for
new Members
The Cherryfield Fire Department is
made up of 20 to 25 members who
serve the town of Cherryfield, and our
surrounding towns. In todays day and
age there is no longer any difference
between the training a full time
firefighter receives and the training a
volunteer receives. This makes
fighting fire much more effective and
safer for a small volunteer department,
but makes it more difficult to maintain
a fully operational force.  
We are always looking for new
members, not only to fight fire but also
for ground support, truck drivers, and
just all around help. In order to keep
the Departments gear inspected and
ready for service it takes over 1000
man hours per year and many hands
make light work.     
If you are interested Please Contact
us or stop by the fire house the first or
third Wednesdays of every month at
Links for our Kids
For more local info
try the following sites:
Narraguagus Snowmobile Club
The Ark Animal Shelter
Any local Nonprofit that would
like to be added to this list
Please e-mail a request to
Cherryfield Fire Department
Cherryfield, Maine 04622
"The Blueberry Capital of the World"

Cherryfield receives new Fire Truck
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Funding Assistance
for live burn training